And here we go…


Every now and then people have to say something, and so they talk to friends and family or try a broader audience and use social media. And while I like some forms of social media (especially Google+ and ), the limitations of those platforms sometimes limit the way you can express yourself. Be it because the way they integrate images, the way they limit how you can format text or basically any limitation they put up for you just by being confined to what they offer.

So to circumvent those limitations I decided to start this blog. Whenever I feel like it, I can now use this blog instead of my usual ways on social media. While this will of course reduce the amount of views (by a lot, because even one click on social media to follow through to an article seems to be too much for some people to be bothered with) it will also act as a filter and most people finally landing on my posts will be interested in them, which in return will make for – hopefully – better interactions and less spam in the comments.

Thank you

So if you made it here, thank you for your interest. I hope you have found one or two things you like (although if you are one of the early visitors, there is not much to see, yet). Should you use an RSS reader of some sort, you can subscribe to the RSS feed of my blog here:  RSS feed

You may also notice many things changing, especially in the first few weeks. Still trying what works best.

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