Quickie: Salton Sea Comparison 1984 and 2017

Shrinking Salton Sea 1984 and 2017

Take a look at this comparison of a Landsat 5 natural color image taken in 1984, and a Landsat 8 natural color image taken in 2017, showing the Salton Sea, California, and surroundings.

Due to changes in water apportionments, the Salton Sea is going to shrink considerably until 2021. In this comparison you can already see a change in the surface size of the lake. Also take a look at the bottom of the image, the northern tip of the Laguna Salada dry lake can be seen, filled in 1984, dried out in 2017. The lake occasionally fills during times of significant rain.

Landsat 5 and Landsat 8 data courtesy of U.S. Geological Survey. Processed by Pierre Markuse.


You can download a full-size version of the comparison here on Flickr.

Salton Sea comparison

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