Wildfire Split 2017

Quickie: Wildfires near Split, Croatia, 2017

Taking a closer look at the wildfires near Split with Sentinel-2A

The recent wildfires near Split, Croatia, can be seen in these images by Sentinel-2A.

Take a look at this Sentinel-2A satellite images showing the whole area in natural colors and in near-infrared/short wave infrared (NIR/SWIR), using data from bands 12, 11, and 8, on July 17th, 2017.

Combining natural color view with NIR/SWIR

And a combined view, natural colors with NIR/SWIR highlights, indicating possible fires or areas with higher temperature.

Wildfire Split 2017


You can download full-size versions of these images with a scale of 10 meters/pixel here on Flickr.

Natural color version with NIR/SWIR highlights
Natural color version
NIR/SWIR view (12-11-8)
NIR/SWIR view (12-8-2)
Mixed natural colors and NIR/SWIR with NIR/SWIR highlights

Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data [2017]

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