Detwiler Fire

Quickie: Detwiler Fire comparison

Taking a look at the Detwiler Fire

The Detwiler Fire in Mariposa County, California, USA started on July 16th, 2017. Here we take a look at the area of the fire on July 9th, 2017, before the fire started, and on July 25th, 2017, during the still ongoing wildfire.

Natural color comparison

Comparison of the area in natural colors, showing the burn scar as well as smoke from possible fires in the upper right part of the image. Also visible are lines of red-dyed fire retardant dropped from planes.

NIR/SWIR comparison

The same area in a NIR/SWIR view (Bands 7-5-1), clearly showing the new burn scar, as well as some burn scars from previous fires.

Natural colors / NIR/SWIR comparison

And finally a natural color and NIR/SWIR comparison.


You can download full-size versions of these images with a scale of 15 meters/pixel here on Flickr.

Natural colors before
Natural colors during
NIR/SWIR before
NIR/SWIR during
Complete comparison image

Landsat 8 data courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey

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