Pierre Markuse
Pierre Markuse

Hello there and welcome to my blog. Expect some mixed content about topics I’m interested in. Which could really be anything, but will probably end up being mostly posts about stuff related to remote sensing and geography, climate change, some (American) politics and social issues, and the occasional odd post about something completely different.

You can use the comment function for questions and discussions, but stay nice and don’t be a dick. Respect other users and their opinions. And don’t expect too much. Depending on how much I feel that I have something to say I might post once a month or ten times a day.

Contacting me

If, for some reason, you have questions regarding the content of this website feel free to contact me, just write an email to pierre@pierre-markuse.net or . English would be preferred but you can write German or French, although I most probably will give my answers in either English or German, since my French is très rouillé et terrible.

Social Media

You can find me on social media as well, so in case you want to follow me, take a look and click the links. On you will mostly find tweets about science and politics, on my Flickr you can find all the satellite images I process in full resolution. My YouTube account rarely sees an upload, but if you so choose follow it anyway.